Spicy Chicken Masala

Spicy Chicken Masala
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There is no dearth of chicken recipes out there?.the web world is swarming with so many poultry recipes that you can almost hear the clucking of numerous chickens!! And how can it not be, since it is one of the easiest, most delicious, accessible and affordable meats on the market. Not to mention the versatility of chicken, and the fact that you can hardly go wrong with it (unless you have never entered a kitchen before).

It is exactly this versatility of chicken that encourages me to try something different every time. Rarely do I follow the exact same recipe. There are almost always minor or major tweaks to tried and tested recipes, or sometimes my hands lead the way and cook up something completely new.

This is one such recipe that came out of one of the experimentation sessions. The marinated chicken is shallow fried first and then simmered in spicy sauce. As it is fried, I don?t make it very often, but when I do make it, it is guaranteed to vanish pretty soon! So here is another contribution to the web world clucking!

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