Chicken Seekh Kebabs with Mint & Coriander dip

Chicken Seekh Kebabs with Mint & Coriander dip
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This is ideally a recipe for winter season. In Dubai, winters are so special. The weather is pleasant ? sunny, not too hot and not cold? just right? everyone is out taking in the perfectly balanced natural elements. Parks are full with families barbecuing? the smell of grilled meats mingled with charcoal in the air?. Sighhh?. I am dreaming about winter, while sweltering in this heat. Temperature has hit 45 degrees and above and it is humid and sweaty and you have to think twice before stepping out during the day.

But I wanted to eat kebabs and so I made them.

I love seekh kebabs and every-time I would eat them out, I used to think about trying them at home. Finally around a year back, I did another experimental session and came up with these. In India, seekh kebabs are commonly made of red meat. But I prefer to make it with chicken as it is easier to cook and healthier as compared to red meats.  They are perfect with the mint and coriander dip which is so refreshing in this heat! So here comes my Chicken Seekh Kebab.

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