Chicken Varattiyathu

Chicken Varattiyathu
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Hardly a week that goes by without chicken being served for atleast one meal  in my house. There are hundreds of different ways one can cook chicken?. Tiny little variations to age-old recipes or completely new creations, chicken is a great ingredient to experiment with. This recipe is not an experimental though, Chicken Varattiyathu or roast is one of the most commonly made dishes in Keralite homes. Although it is not really roasted in the oven, that is what the translation works out to be. The same recipe is used for boiled eggs, mutton and beef (red meat is usually pre-cooked in pressure cooker). This is one of the easiest Indian recipes for chicken. No marinating, no dry roasting, grinding? no long winding methods of cooking. Just simple, spicy, easy-to-make, yummy chicken!

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