Spicy Red Fish Curry

Spicy Red Fish Curry
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Why is it that when we are kids we love to spend all our time at our next-door friend?s house? Why do we love the food cooked at their house, rather than the food cooked by our mothers, no matter how good it is?? I was that kid; impervious to my mother?s calls, I would play all day long at my neighbor?s house, eat there and sleep there. Well, as they say, history repeats itself. Now it is the same with my daughter. Hats off to my mother who put up with my tantrums (and all the mothers who go through the same on daily basis).

I remember how much I used to love the fish curry made by my neighboring friend?s mom. Aunty used to make a super spicy red fish curry commonly made in south India. Everytime she would make it, she would surely keep some for me. My mom is a great cook and I still take guidance from her for some Kerala recipes, but we are from north Kerala and typically the fish curry made in this region is with coconut milk? for which I have shared the recipe earlier? However, I have always preferred this red version that aunty used to make. Once I started to cook, I promptly took the recipe from her (which she never shared in the authentic form with anyone).  Today I am sharing with you this traditional red fish curry made commonly in south Kerala. You can use any chunky sea fish for this curry. I normally use Pomfret or King Fish.

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