Chicken Liver Meatballs

Chicken Liver Meatballs
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Although it comes every year, it still hits us unexpectedly and in full force. Summer! Yes it is here, scorching, humid, blindingly sunny and so long. It is just starting and already I want it to end. But it?s a long way from respite, so I will stop dreaming about winter, snap out of this warm daze and share my next recipe.

This is one of the instant creations with bits of whatever I had at hand, and it just turned out so well. Although I avoid, cooking chicken liver too often, due to its high cholesterol content, it can be a good treat sometimes. Something I didn?t know before, and stumbled across while doing a random research on this ingredient for this post, is that livers are rich source of various nutrients ? iron, zinc and vitamins. Not a complete waste after all!

This recipe is very similar to the absolutely delicious beef cutlets which are so popular in Kerala. However, the liver makes it a bit heavier on the palate and tummy, so we usually go easy on these.

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