Malabari Red Chicken

Malabari Red Chicken
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Firstly I would like to wish everyone a very happy new year! I hope for everyone that this year brings positive changes, success, good health and lots of yummy food 🙂

So my first recipe of 2014 is going to be of my favourite ingredient – Chicken! I have mentioned earlier that I am a big fan of poultry and love to try different variations with chicken. Everytime I taste some chicken dish I like, I try to get the recipe from the person who made it, or try to recreate it myself and luckily a couple of attempts yield successful results. This chicken recipe was given to me by a friend in Kuwait. It is simple and very easy to make in 4 steps. It is one of those home-made dishes that don?t really have a name. Since it is red in colour and since I am from Kerala and I use coconut oil in it, I called it Malabari Red Chicken!!

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  • Happy New Year. I love this chicken recipe. It sounds so delicious. I have to make it this week. Will give you a feedback. Thanks for sharing!

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