Kerala Style Spicy Pork

Kerala Style Spicy Pork
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Hello, I am back after a long vacation. It has been such a long time since I blogged and I have truly missed it. My vacation seemed to have lasted forever, India after Germany and when I got back, I dived right into daily routine. Well, vacation season in UAE is over, and it is back to business for everyone. And I am really glad to get back to blogging.

Pork is not made often in our house, but when it is made, it is eaten with a lot of enthusiasm and cleaned out in no time. I never used to eat pork in India due to a bad experience when I was a child. My love for this meat started when I was tricked into eating it by a family friend in Dubai. I thought that the spicy preparation was beef, and only after I had chowed down the food, did they disclose the secret! This is my version of that same dish that I ate at my friends place all those years ago.

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