Kappa Vevichathu / Spiced Tapioca

Kappa Vevichathu / Spiced Tapioca
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In Kerala, the Red Fish Curry (or Meen Curry ? Meen meaning Fish) goes with Kappa / Tapioca almost by default. From Amoomas (grandmothers) at home, to small Kallu shaap (toddy shop) owners on the roadside, all serve a steaming plate of spicy red fish curry with this tapioca preparation on the side. Not to mention, I love this combination and my mouth starts to water at the mention of it. Kappa is quite high in starch content and can make you feel bloated. Definitely not a combination for the feint hearted (the spicy fish curry is known to bring tears in your eyes)!

So I made kappa the other day with the red fish curry. I was too stuffed after eating it to blog both the recipes. Managed the fish curry? and had to keep this for later?Also, been quite busy with more food exploration and my little one – as she is on summer vacation now. Right now, writing this recipe makes me want to have more of it? I am hungry now!

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