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Finally my vacations have started! I have left behind the sweltering heat, humidity, sand storms and a load of daily life stress back in Dubai. I am visiting the cousins in Germany – my most favorite place to go for vacation. I cannot tell you how eagerly I had been waiting for this break, but applying for the visa was a long tedious process riddled with difficulties and conspicuous incompetence displayed by the accredited agency that handles all European visas in Dubai. In some matters I can be a wee bit superstitious and I didn’t want to tell anyone that I am going to Germany until I saw the visa stamped in my passport. After some clashes, several phone calls and visits to the agency, I had almost given up on the visa; and that?s when in memory of my favorite vacation destination, I made waffles.

I was first introduced to waffles in Germany and I instantly fell in love with them. I prefer the German ones that are soft and crispy and not too sweet or dense unlike the Belgian waffles. So as I dreamt about Germany and all the amazing authentic German food, I dished out these waffles, much to my daughters delight, who is as much in love with them as her mother.

However, I guess it worked its magic not only in our mouths but also on the visa process as I got the visa the very next day and now here I am in Dusseldorf.

I will be running crazy in this place visiting new places and stuffing myself silly with all sorts of food. I am not yet sure what the German cousins have planned for us but we will definitely have a packed itinerary. I probably won?t be cooking much, but I will try to write about my favorite foods and places here.

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