Chicken Chili / Spicy Shredded Chicken

Chicken Chili / Spicy Shredded Chicken
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Caution! – This is not a Chinese recipe? don?t let the name fool you as it fooled me. One evening when we were in the grips of hunger and there was no food at home, we decided to order from a small restaurant right across the house, as the travel time would be cut short and the food would arrive quickly. It is one of those small Indian restaurants that serve Moghlai, South Indian and Chinese cuisine?where the Chinese food is with a very obvious spicy Indian touch. Along with other things, I ordered for Chicken Chili thinking it is the Chinese side-dish that I love. Instead I got a spicy dry dish made of shredded chicken that I had never eaten before. Nevertheless I loved it, and eventually learnt (after repeated clarification from the restaurant employee who took the orders) that ?this is ?Chicken Chili? not ?Chili Chicken? madam.?

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