Unniyappam/Rice Flour Fritters

Unniyappam/Rice Flour Fritters
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When we were kids, we didn?t have to make difficult choices of what to snack on from the hundreds of choices available in the market or which cafeteria to visit for a quick bite. We binged on home-made goodies made in bulk and stored in air-tight containers by Mom. One of my all time favorite munchies cum festive food is Unniappams. There must hardly be a Keralite who has not heard of or tasted these delectable little fritters. They are a staple in Malayali households especially during festivals.

Schools in UAE have closed for vacation and my little one is at home. So I made a batch of these for her and her next door friends. They are supposed to be stored for a couple of days, but here they disappear in no time at all.

Unniappams are made from rice flour? typically rice is soaked for a couple of hours, drained and then ground. The flour is then roasted and used for different delicacies. This is long and tedious process?definitely worth it if you are game for it?Or you can just use store bought rice flour. I play it smart and carry sacks of homemade rice flour everytime I go to Kerala!

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