Tofu Mattar / Tofu n? Peas Gravy

Tofu Mattar / Tofu n? Peas Gravy
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Firstly I would like to wish everyone Ramadan Kareem. Although I am not Muslim, having lived in Dubai for many years now and before this in Kuwait, I can?t help but join in the spirit of the season. So here is wishing everyone a blessed Ramadan!

I have been meaning to put up some authentic Arabic dishes but haven?t gotten around to making any yet. But I will soon? Just like I have been wanting to try cooking with Tofu for a long time? and just never got to it somehow? probably it is the apprehension of trying a completely new ingredient? or just wanting to avoid the situation where you stand in your kitchen with the ingredient in front of you wondering what to do with it.

So anyway, I did buy this ingredient that I’ve heard so much about, but never really cooked with it. I know, I know ? I am too late? the Tofu fad caught on years ago?

But it is never too late where food is concerned? atleast for me. Since Tofu doesn’t really have any taste of its own, I figured I will use it in spicy Indian gravy and play safe since it is my first time. Voila! Mattar Paneer? ooppss? Mattar Tofu! Now I love Tofu and I am sure to use it very often.

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