Simple Yellow Dal

Simple Yellow Dal
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This weekend one of my close friends came over to spend the evening at our place. The highlight of the evening was the Chicken Biryani which she had been lusting after ever since she saw it here. So she self-invited herself and we over-stuffed ourselves over conversations about food! When it comes to food we never know when to stop? eating as well as talking about it. So inevitably the blog came up and she asked me what I plan to put up next? I had not really thought about it, but I vaguely mentioned that I was planning to make Dal the next day after a weekend of heavy food. Her eyes immediately lit up as she exclaimed that it is perfect and started telling me how everyone loves a good Dal. Apparently every-time she takes this simple lentil preparation to office, there is a mad scramble amongst the European colleagues. So that settled it ? Dal was going to be up next!

I have never understood this love for Dal, but I must say I can?t go too many days without it either. I always attributed it to Indian eating habits as it is a staple in all Indian homes. Since we eat so much rice, there always has to be some sort of curry to go with it and this is the simplest ?go to? dish for all Indian moms. Also it accompanies all vegetarian and non-vegetarian sides perfectly.

Although, Indian restaurants all over the world serve the famous Dal Fry, let me tell you, that is not the Dal most Indians eat on daily basis at home. It is way too heavy, fatty and greasy. We prefer a more simple concoction which is healthy and light on the stomach. I mostly use toor dal, but other types of lentils such as masoor and moong are also good and healthier choices.

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