Eggless Chocolate Tofu Cake

Eggless Chocolate Tofu Cake
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You know that Tofu got on my radar a while ago, and I was in this phase when I was experimenting with it. Well, that was a good healthy phase? (sigh!) Around that time, one of our friends asked if I have ever tried baking eggless cakes, as those are hard to come by here in Dubai. Eggless cakes are very common in India, due to a huge vegetarian population. Since the friend had put the query to me, I had to try an eggless cake? didn’t I? And since it was the Tofu phase, some tofu had to feature in it?didn’t it? So I did some research, on baking with tofu, browsed many recipes and decided to try this one from I have made my own adjustments to this recipe.

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