Indo-Chinese Chili Chicken with Gravy

Indo-Chinese Chili Chicken with Gravy
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Chili chicken is another one of those dishes that no one knows the origin of, but it is such a rage in India. Many innocent, na?ve children grow up crazy about Chicken Lollypop, Chili Chicken and Chicken Manchurian unaware for a long time that these dishes are not exactly part of authentic Chinese cuisine – myself included. I remember looking forward to those occasional eat outs at the little roadside ?Chinese? food stand called Salty (for some strange reason). It was a one man show, with the Chinese looking man cooking up a variety of mouth-watering Chinese dishes in his huge wok ? tossing and flipping on dangerously high heat, concocting sauces and noodles that we had never tasted before. Salty is where I fell in love with Chinese food, and the Chinese looking man made his little fortune!

It was many years later that I came to know that the man is Burmese not Chinese, and the food he made is definitely not Chinese! More like Indo-Chinese as it used many Chinese ingredients. That didn?t diminish my love for this variety? Thankfully Dubai has many Indian restaurants that serve up this skewed line of cuisine. And often I make many of the dishes at home. One of the all-time favorite Indo-Chinese food for many people is Chilli Chicken.

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