Fish Chilli

Fish Chilli
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Indo-Chinese food has come a long way? everyone has a different take on it. It is common now for Indians to use a bit of soy sauce or chili sauce in their contemporary cooking. Most Indian households will have a basket of Chinese sauces and pastes used commonly in ?Chinese? fried rice, Manchurians and Schezwan. I posted Chicken Chili when I first started blogging? an Indian dish with an Indo-Chinese name?. I know, it is confusing? doesn’t matter? as long as the end result is tasty!

This Fish Chili is slightly similar to the Chicken Chili. It was born one day when I had some marinated fish in the refrigerator to fry and some plain white rice. But the combination would have been too dry, so I thought of adding some masala and spicing it up! It is a great way to eat fish, especially if you want to avoid the bones. It goes well with rice, breads and rotis and can even be served as a spicy appetizer.

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