Cabbage Thoran / Cabbage with Coconut

Cabbage Thoran / Cabbage with Coconut
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Let me start by explaining what a thoran is. Ideally I should have done this when I posted the colourful carrot, beetroot and tendli thoran when I just started the blog. Nevertheless, it is never too late? thoran is basically the Kerala version of a stir-fry. We Keralites love our thorans and they accompany almost all regular and festive meals. You will see them at traditional weddings, sadhyas, onam meals or on any given day at any regular meal. You will find them on the menu of any typical Kerala restaurant and if you happen to walk into a one and order a quick ?thaali? or meal of the day, you will find atleast one thoran amidst the wide array of dishes on your plate.

A true Keralite can probably cook up thoran with any vegetable you give them!! While thoran made of cabbage, green beans, carrots, beetroot, spinach, tendli, cauliflower are the more common ones, I have also heard of and tasted thorans made of jackfruit, kale leaves, yam, papaya, mushrooms and even only onions. Have you ever cooked up a thoran with a not-so-common ingredient??

Whatever vegetable is being used, is finely chopped (which is the most tedious and time-consuming process while making any thoran), and cooked for a little while alongwith coconut, curry leaves, mustard seeds, green chilies and turmeric powder. That is the basic concept. Variations are totally subjective.

So here is one of the most common thoran recipes ? cabbage thoran. It is literally ubiquitous in the malayalee world. It is made quite often at my place, sometimes part of a simple meal accompanying dal and rice or sometimes part of an elaborate sadhya ? festive meal. Now there are several ways of making a good cabbage thoran. This is just the way I make it? it is basic, simple and very easy.

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