Kerala Crab Roast Masala

Kerala Crab Roast Masala
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I am not really a crab person. You won?t find me ordering any form of crab meat in a seafood restaurant, or experimenting with crabs in my kitchen. But I will definitely clean up the plate and lick my fingers everytime my mom cooks this crab roast masala. Infact, I barely ever make this myself. It is just one of those dishes that taste great when my mother cooks! Like the mutton stew made by her! Yummm? the thought of it makes me drool. But that is a recipe for another day.
This is a spicy Kerala style recipe, excellent with rice or roti.

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  • The crabs look really delicious. I am not sure I can find some here but you’ve inspired me to look for and cook some. Thanks for sharing!

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