Pasta with Chicken and Vegetables in White Sauce

Pasta with Chicken and Vegetables in White Sauce
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My first encounter with pasta was strangely in Kuwait. I moved there after my wedding and lived there for a brief period, during which I tried a number of cuisines for the very first time in my life! Honestly I never kept a count? There was this shopping mall that we used to frequently visit. At the food court in the mall was a pasta joint with a live kitchen. The chef mixed the ingredients and the sauces in front of the customers and always cooked and served with a smile as if he really cooked from his heart. The pasta soon became my staple everytime I went to that mall not just for the food but also for the friendly chef. I would watch intently as he mixed, and tossed the different types of pasta and topped it with a smile.

I did my research from the vast stream of online information and for the very first time made pasta with white and red sauce. Amazingly? it turned out very similar to the one our smiley chef used to make. I was thrilled with the results and soon started to try various combinations depending on what was at hand.

Just like her mother, my six year old loves pasta ? she likes hers plain with a huge dollop of butter. My husband loves pasta in almost any given form.

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