Methi Aloo Sabji / Fenugreek Leaves with Potatoes

Methi Aloo Sabji / Fenugreek Leaves with Potatoes
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As a child, I used to hate healthy leafy greens, or any vegetables for that matter! As far as I know, most kids don?t like vegetables like Methi/Fenugreek or Palak/ Spinach. Most mothers try to convince, cajole and even force-feed their children to eat these greens leading to tantrums, quarrels and in some cases even spanking, I suppose. However much you hate these vegetables as a child, very often, you grow up to absolutely love them? perhaps it is to do with your developing taste buds? or maybe you do grow older and wiser, realizing the many benefits of adding some greens to your diet.

Fenugreek is such a versatile food. You can use it on its own in a vegetarian preparation, in dals, with meats, and with poultry. Methi seeds are used in tempering and dried Methi leaves (Kasuri Methi) is used to add a distinct flavor to some dishes such as Butter Chicken. Once you develop a taste for it, you can?t have enough of it? besides it has a long list of health benefits including, reducing cholesterol, controlling diabetes, aiding in digestion and increasing breast milk production in nursing mothers.

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