Aloo Paratha

Aloo Paratha
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My brother is my first best friend. Inspite of a big age difference we share that unique bond – sometimes protective, sometimes possessive, sometimes mocking and irritating, most times a comfortable camaraderie full of memories… Yesterday I was thinking of my brother and that part of brain which is the memory bank, instantly produced a Polaroid image ? me in the kitchen cooking Aloo Parathas and my brother standing right next to me with a plate in hand. The steaming parathas disappeared as soon as they hit the plate with nothing but a dollop of butter that melts into little streams of succulence on the golden surface of the parathas. He never had the patience to let it cool down to an edible temperature? mouth burns did not matter and keeping track of the number of Aloo Parathas consumed was a waste of time. They remain a family favorite, although my brother is their biggest fan to date. Every time he visits from Jordan, the old parathas sneak into the menu with no need for special requests or mention and continue to disappear with the same speed.

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