Tingling Tastebuds

One of the best things about going on vacations is the entire culinary experience! I cannot understand people who, no matter where they go for holidays, insist on eating the exact same food they eat back home. No offence meant, each one has their own choice, but it is just not for me. For me, my best vacations are not just defined by the places I visit, but also by the variety of things I tried… guess it is just the foodie in me. I love to indulge myself with local cuisine; many a times, I can’t wait to try to make them myself once back home. It just nicely rounds off the entire experience I feel…Go to a new place, see new things, go berserk over local fare, overindulge until you can’t have anymore, and re-live a bit of that experience by recreating that food in your own kitchen.

K1024_IMG_0423When I come to Germany, it helps that the German cousins are as crazy about food as me, and so, the culinary experience here is always top notch! The regional delicacies…. Germans are such suckers for potatoes… every dish comes with fries or bratkartoffeln – the German equivalent of French fries but made with old potatoes and seasoned with herbs.

 Fish with Bratkartoffeln (translate -German fish & chips!)

Fish with Bratkartoffeln (translate -German fish & chips!)

The first time I came to Germany, the cousins were staying at Krefeld, and I used to love to go for brunch at a restaurant round the corner. The broccoli served there is absolutely yummm… This time, we made a trip from Dusseldorf to Krefeld, just for the brunch! Call us crazy!

K1024_IMG_0198K1024_IMG_0199The local fast-food … Bratwursts are everywhere… they come in different packages and styles, with different toppings and breads… but the gist of the matter is… when you are in Germany, you gotta eat a Bratwurst.

Street-food Bratwurst

Street-food Bratwurst

Dine-in Bratwurst!

Dine-in Bratwurst!

The native breakfast! What else do you wake up for in a strange country with strange people?? Give me a broetchen and I am a happy person… love it with just jam or nutella… or go the whole mile and make a whole meal out of it – Add salad greens, eggs and remoulade and you are set for a long, tiring touristic day! Almost all bakeries serve these sandwiches… at some places, you can also select your fillings.

K1024_Ei(egg) BroetchenEvery time I come here, I try some new cuisines from other countries as well. This time I was brave enough to try Korean food. I will be honest, I had my reservations in the beginning, but it was quite good. Unfortunately, the timing was very bad, as it was one of the hottest days with temperature soaring to 39°C, and we were seated outside for lunch! To my shock, Korean food turned out to be rather spicy. Combined with the outside heat, I just couldn’t manage to eat it… ended up digging into my daughter’s kiddie meal. The heat and humidity managed to wipe out my tolerance for spice and my memory as I can’t remember names of any of the dishes!

K1024_Korean food K1024_Korean food 2 K1024_Korean food1 K1024_Korean food4Also sampled some Greek food– some Cevapcici – kind of a sausage, some gyros – shredded pork similar to shawarma filling, with tzatziki and French fries with mayo…

K1024_Greek foodMore food stories will come up soon! Guten Appetit!


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